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About us

Excellent Drinks / Två Feta Grisar Brewery

Excellent Drinks is the front name towords restaurants and producers and partners on both the national and International market.

For many years craft brewery Två Feta Grisar in Gothenburg worked only with their own beers until the Belgien brewer Christophe De Vos ( the fox ) join our brewery to add classic Belgien style beer to our portfolio.

The next step for us was to add imported products since our clients asked for it. We did when we joined forces with well experience people from both national and international work within the beverage sector for over 20 years.

Our key words
Our key word we work by is simple, still very importent;
Effective, Efficiency & Passion.
We belive if you can´t handle these basics on a market that is changing from one hour to the next, then someone else will and we will not let that happen. Our track record shows that we handle this, Proof of that is for example that we still working with producers that we have worked with for over 20 years.

The Portfolio
Our portfolio will always been focus on quality, iconic, well known, demanded brands/ producers and the reason for that is we preform as best when we get to work by our key words and build the brands at the best possible way so you as a producer will see that our track record speaks for it self.

Contact us to discuss what Excellent Drinks can do for you and your brands.

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